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Nox dragon

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Hai there, and welcome to my Nox dragon avatar, I hope you'll find it cool. This is my first go at making an avatar for Gumroad so bare with me as updates will come along the way and if you think of something that could make it better, please join my discord.

▼ below will be listed what the avatar contains and what you may and may not do with the avatar.

Note - It is not refundable!!

This model is not Quest compatible!!!

Terms of service:
You may do with the avatar ▼

» You may use this avatar for your own private use

» Make commissions │As long as both parties legally own the avatar │

You may not ▼

» Use this avatar for commercial purposes

» Upload it as public or put it in worlds

» Resell the avatar

» Credit/Claim it as your own

I am not responsible for any misuse of the Avatar.

Links ▼

The VRChat world is a demo world where you can try out the base avatar before deciding if you want it

VRChat worldDiscord

Avatar Features ▼

This avatar comes with +100 blend shapes for customization for the body - fur- head - clothes and wings, the blendshapes can be combined into even more expressions.

The avatar comes with a premade setup, it won't contain everything the avatar has to offer but it will be available for you to costomize.

The full version is about 130000 polygons.

Requirements and Resources ▼

» Unity 2019.4.31f1

» Latest SDK

» Iv'e used PoiyomiToon7.3.050

» Raliv DPS │Is required for 18+ stuff to work │

What you'll get ▼

» Blender file

» Substance painter file

» Unity project

» Instructions (Read before importing)

Special tanks to my friends and community for makeing pictures and vidoes for this avatar.

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You might be wondering, this looks like the dragon Sisu, and you will be correct, this avatar is inspired from that movie. Everything is build from the ground up, no copy paste from any other models.

Note if you bought the base or expaned and want to upgrade, send me an email with the email you bought it from and I'll give you a discount.


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Nox dragon

54 ratings
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